Aleisha Nelson is a 23 year-old self-taught artist originally from Minnesota. Now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she's a Software Engineer by day and an artist by night. In 2016, she founded Art By Aleisha as a way to balance her technical lifestyle with her passion for creativity and design. 

While studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa she was inspired by the many places she visited. Upon returning to the United States, she wanted a way to remember her travels. She also attends a school just an hour away from San Francisco, California, which has given her the opportunity to fall in love with its many unique neighborhoods. So she created two maps, hung them on her bedroom wall, and that was that. 

Soon, her friends started asking for maps of their own. Then their friends started asking. Suddenly, she was shipping her art to people in places all over the United States.

Her primary focus these days is on her neighborhood maps and travel posters. She's always been fascinated by geography and she loves to travel, but she believes the best part about making maps is getting to learn about the many places that other people hold near to their hearts. Whether it's the city you grew up in, where you went to college, studied abroad, or that special place you visited with your family or a loved one - everyone knows a city they'll never forget. So why not turn that city into a piece of art, hang it in your living room, and give your friends something to talk about the next time you invite them over?