Lake Tahoe Map

Lake Tahoe Map

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Hand-painted and hand-labeled map of Lake Tahoe, California's various bays, neighborhoods and ski resorts with heat embossed borders. This is an original piece of artwork, handmade form start to finish.

 Please allow 3-6 weeks for this map to be made and Completed BEFORE shipping. Each one is hand-painted and customized, and thus, requires time to be made-to-order. Please don’t hesitate to email if you are ever curious about the status of your map or are working with a deadline and need the map done sooner. Sometimes I can accommodate these requests, but not always. Thanks for understanding!


Let me know which color you would like your map to be in the customization form that should pop-up when you add this item to your cart!


If you'd like me to include more or other neighborhoods than what you see here, please include these details in the pop-up form that should appear when you add this item to your cart.

*Please allow 3-5 weeks for this map to be made BEFORE it ships. I make each one by hand and to-order, so I need time to ensure that this map is made the right way and with the highest quality. Sometimes maps are made sooner than this timeline, but I cannot always promise that will be the case. If you are worried about timelines, please send me and email and I will let you know if there’s anything I can do. Otherwise, thanks in advance for being patient!

Painted on watercolor paper (.40lb). Size is 11 in. X 15 in.

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