Minneapolis, Minnesota

In my opinion, Minneapolis is the most underestimated city in the north and the best city in all of the midwest.  It has an amazing skyline from the riverfront, a very unique art scene, fantastic food (including it's own burger called the "Jucy Lucy"), and it is very dedicated to perfecting the craft of brewing beer.  You can drink funky cocktails from a ferris wheel or from a speakeasy - if you know where to look, of course. But one of the best things about spending time in Minneapolis is the ability to meet friendly locals who cannot wait to tell you all of their own reasons for loving this amazing city (Minnesota Nice is a real thing!)

ARTS & Culture


1. Walker Art Center

Plan a trip to the Walker Art Center so that you wont miss the Cherry and the Spoon sculpture - a Minneapolis CLASSIC. 

2. Art-a-whirl at Northrup King Building

If you're really into the art scene, make sure to plan your trip to Minneapolis during one of the two weekends of the year that "Art-A-Whirl" is going on. The Northrup King Building is home to the galleries and studios of hundreds of talented, local artists. And on the weekend of Art-A-Whirl, every artist in the building opens their doors for guests to browse and shop their unique products!


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3. Sign up for a LAB @ LAB MPLS

LAB MPLS is one of my favorite organizations to follow on Instagram. They are always hosting amazing workshops for people looking to get creative or grow their business. You can learn how to use watercolors, make cool things out of leather, how to hand-letter, and so much more! Could be something to do with a group of friends!



The Golden Rule has a very special place in my heart. Whenever I visit home, this is my first stop. It makes my heart skip a beat and makes me feel happier, no matter what mood I am in. It's a cute little house in Excelsior that is filled with all of the coolest goods, threads, and artwork from local artists and funky brands from across the U.S. If you've just moved into a new apartment and you have some bare walls to fill, or if you are simply looking for some new artwork to freshen up those walls that you've already decorated once before - the Golden Rule is the place to go. From unique jewelry, to trendy clothes, fun cards, and awesome artwork - they have it ALL. I also must mention that the employees who work at the store are the kindest, most interesting individuals you will ever meet. You won't regret making the drive out to this magical place. 




I first found Arlee Park on Instagram through a friend from home. Then, last spring when I participated in LAB MPLS's Art Show, I got to meet the two amazing women behind the brand. They are the sweetest people you'll ever meet, and they are twins! Their little shop sits on a little corner and is as cute as can be. They modern home decor and clothing with a vintage twist! For me, it's a must-go every time I visit!